Radon is a product of the natural breakdown of uranium in soil and rocks. It is a known carcinogen, especially in high concentrations. It was in 1988 that the International Agency for Research on Cancer concluded that radon could cause lung cancer. This conclusion was based on several studies of miners developing serious lung damage and scarring. Radon can be found in your home especially in the basement or spaces in near proximity to the ground. The Radon gas escapes to the living spaces through cracks and gaps in the floors and foundation.

Radon Testing in Maryland

Radon gas is colorless, odorless, and tasteless. You cannot detect the concentration of it without the help of professionals. There are do-it-yourself testing kits you can buy online, but the accuracy of those kits cannot be assured. Radon gas when inhaled gives off radiation that may damage the cells lining your lung. It must be considered that although radon may exist at your home, prolonged exposure to a high concentration of radon is a precursor to possibly developing lung cancer. Moreover, the disposition to develop lung cancer for smokers increases by 25 times with exposure to radon gas.

Unfortunately, fetuses, infants, and children are at a greater risk of developing lung cancer than adults when exposed to the same level of radon for the same amount of time. The size and shape of the lungs, as well as the higher respiratory rates of the younger population, makes them susceptible to radon poisoning and other radon-related respiratory problems. Moreover, fetuses are at higher risk of radon-induced cancer and abnormal development because of the sensitivity to radiation of their rapidly dividing cells.

It is recommended that a routine radon testing is performed during the early stages of pregnancy to avoid unwanted exposure of the developing fetus to radiation. It is at the same time suggested not to leave your children playing in areas with a known high concentration of radon. Radon poisoning can easily happen to children as they take in more air during their active hours playing. It is advisable to promote proper air circulation in spaces where your children would usually spend time playing.

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