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According to the Maryland Department of the Environment, certain parts of the state have soil characteristics that put them at risk of high concentration of Radon. Furthermore, Gaithersburg, Maryland, is located at the Environmental Protection Agency (EPA) assigned Radon Zone 2. It means the average indoor concentration of radon in the area is 2 – 4 pCi/L.

With 4 pCi/L being a critical level, it’s a must for homeowners in Gaithersburg, Maryland to test their home for Radon concentration. Working with a Radon inspector ensures you’re conducting the right test and getting the most accurate data in your home.


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Understanding Radon

Radon is a tasteless, odorless, and colorless noble gas often found in the earth’s soil. It is the result of the decay of uranium and other radioactive elements. Its concentration can easily reach critical levels when the gas is trapped indoors, like in the basement or ground floor of your house.

Ernest Rutherford, an English physicist, discovered Radon in 1899. In the 1900s, another scientist, Friedrich Ernst Dorn, noticed that radium compounds produce radioactive gas when they decay. He called it “Radium Emanation.”

According to studies, Radon is about nine times denser than air, making it easy for the gas to penetrate a wide range of materials and layers. It can easily go through a home’s insulation, concrete walls, paints, and sheetrock. Additionally, it is the densest gas among noble gases at room temperature. Although colorless, it produces a yellow to orange-red glow when it reaches its freezing point, which is -96°F. Radon is not that easy to dissolve in water, but more soluble when compared with other noble gases.

Radon and Your Health

The Surgeon General’s Office and the EPA estimate about 20,000 cases of lung cancer deaths related to Radon poisoning annually. In 2016, there were 148,945 lung cancer deaths across the country. About 10% to 13% of these are associated with Radon exposure. Long-Term exposure to this noble gas is the second most common cause of lung cancer in the U.S.

Your lung cancer risks don’t just depend on exposure to Radon. It could be higher if you are a smoker. Also, the age-adjusted death rate for the disease is higher for men and blacks compared with women and whites. This is according to a study conducted by the Amerian Lung Association.

As Radon breaks down, it produces lead atoms, which are dangerous to humans. Consequently, long-term exposure to Radon and its decay products puts you at risk of various health problems. Unfortunately, there are no early symptoms or signs to watch out for Radon exposure. This is why it’s essential for homeowners in Gaithersburg, Maryland, to test their properties regularly for Radon.

Testing and Mitigating Radon in Gaithersburg, Maryland


Radon is a radioactive gas that is dangerous when it accumulates inside a home or residence. People exposed to higher levels of radon for a prolonged period will most likely develop lung diseases such as lung cancer. Radon can result in birth defects for a pregnant woman, and so it is advised for pregnant women to take extra precautions in getting exposed to radon especially at a high level. Radon is the leading cause of lung cancer for non-smokers.

Radon cannot be detected by plain sight. It requires special equipment to be stationed in hotspots to be able to check its level. Radon is a silent killer. It is colorless, odorless, and tasteless which means you know it affected your health only when it is severe, and the damage is unlikely reversible. There is no amount of radon that is considered safe for humans. But eliminating radon is merely impossible as it is naturally occurring. We can only control and regulate its level. 

Radon can enter a home in different ways, but the most common is through cracks on your basement floors and walls. The high pressure on the ground continuously pushes radon up to the ground. A crack on your basement floor provides an escape route for radon gas to get into your living spaces. Radon can also escape through small holes in your underground water pipes. It is lethal to have radon mixed with the water you are drinking, and so it is important to perform routine pipe checking. Radon mitigation helps you control the radon level at your home.

Radon mitigation pertains to any process that is employed to control concentrated levels of radon from home, residence, or business. It involves filtering the radon gas out of a basement or incoming water supply. There are various ways to do radon mitigation, most of which are usually not costly or time-consuming. Ventilating your basement and closing in cracks on your flooring and walls are some radon mitigation activities you can do at home. In any case, it is recommended to contact professional radon inspectors to perform radon testing and radon mitigation at your home rather than yourself. 

Regular radon testing and radon mitigation by professional radon inspectors are needed especially in areas with a high concentration of uranium, thorium, and radium. At Atlantic Radon, we provide quality radon testing and radon mitigation services. Keep your family safe from Radon. You can schedule a radon testing in Gaithersburg, Maryland with us. It is important to make sure your home is safe from radon.

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We believe that radon mitigation is a service, and that it’s more than installing a system of pipes and a radon fan. We provide a radon mitigation service that values your need for a system that protects your family’s health. Let us help you take care of your family by installing clean, good-looking radon mitigation systems.

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We have the experience necessary to overcome any radon gas problem. We stand head and shoulders above the rest in quality and customer satisfaction. Our National Radon Proficiency Program certified radon technicians are the best at what they do. We truly care about our customer’s health and the value of their homes and buildings.

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We train every radon system installer so that you can be certain that the technician has the experience necessary to design the best radon mitigation system. Our system designs are backed by our performance warranty or phased scope of work. We strive to provide the very best radon mitigation service possible.

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    5 star review  Tommy and the team at Atlantic did a great job installing my radon mitigation system. I didn’t know anything about radon going into this and was a little unsettled to learn my levels were high. Tommy responded to my request within minutes and walked me through everything on the phone. When he came out to do the estimate, he was very professional and knowledgeable which is why I chose them to do the work. On the day of install, they showed up right on time, did the work, and the results came back as low as radon levels can get. I highly recommend Tommy and the team at Atlantic for your radon mitigation needs.

    thumb Brad Miller

    5 star review  I can't say enough, this was such a great experience. Tommy is superb! My husband and I needed radon mitigation after we purchased a new home. This company expertly installed a mitigation system in our basement that works wonderfully and aesthetically blends into the design of the outside of our home. Now the radon in our basement is lower than the natural levels in the environment. As a working mom with a busy schedule, it was wonderful how Tommy was so prompt and honest with his estimate and communication. His price was very fair and everything was installed as we discussed. Our results were phenomenal. I highly recommend Tommy to preform any work you require.

    thumb Jessica Masters

    5 star review  Tommy and his team were fantastic. They expedited work on our house during a pandemic and were very honest about their pricing and worked around our schedule as we were moving. They did a great job and significantly reduced the radon. I would highly recommend this company.

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