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Radon gas can exist in old houses, modern houses, houses with basements, or without. In other words, radon gas might be in your home, and the only way to check is through radon testing.

There is no level of radon that can be considered safe for health.

Eliminating radon is not possible as it is a natural by-product of the decay of organic materials in the soil. However, EPA recommends reducing the level of radon at home to lower than 4 picocuries per liter (pCI/L). The level of radon gas differs per home. Its level is affected by the concentration of organic materials on your soil, proximity to the ground, and whether your house has cracks where the radon gas can enter through.

Radon Mitigation & Radon Testing

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Understanding Radon

You cannot see or smell radon. It is an odorless and colorless gas. Radon gas gets into a home, office, school, and other buildings through cracks in floors and walls. The pressure under your flooring is higher than in your basement, and this creates a suction effect. This draws radon from higher concentration in the ground to your basement. Radon can also escape through small holes in your water pipe.

It is recommended to perform a regular checkup of your water pipes, floorings, and foundations to fix any breakage on them.

Radon and Your Health

The health risks radon brings to people in prolonged exposure is deadly. In the U.S. alone, an estimated 20,000 lung cancer deaths per year are attributed to radon exposure.

Radon is a silent killer. Its detrimental effect on health is not noticeable until it is severe and debilitating.

Radon is more lethal for children, pregnant women, and the elderly. Children with their developing respiratory system and elders with compromised breathing have limited capacity to exhale the radon gas. Radon is a radioactive substance and can result in neonatal defects for pregnant women.


Testing and Mitigating Radon in Crofton, Maryland

Radon testing is the first step in controlling radon gas levels. At Atlantic Radon, we provide you with an affordable radon testing service. In case your radon level is higher than the recommended level of EPA, then radon mitigation must be done. There are different tools available to do radon mitigation, but not all tools have the same result. At Atlantic Radon, we assure you that we provide you with the best tools fit for your current radon level.

Regular radon testing and radon mitigation by professional radon inspectors are needed especially in areas with a high concentration of uranium, thorium, and radium.

At Atlantic Radon, we provide quality radon testing and radon mitigation services. Keep your family safe from Radon.

You can schedule a radon testing in Crofton, Maryland with us. It is important to make sure your home is safe from radon.


Mitigating Radon in your home in Crofton, Maryland, is possible and easy with trained and certified Radon technicians. Don’t put your family at risk of lung cancer and other health risks caused by long-term radon exposure.

Atlantic Radon offers radon mitigation and remediation services across Maryland. We have tested and installed radon systems in many homes in Anne Arundel County including Crofton, MD.

Get your home tested and fixed by certified Radon technicians. As part of our guarantee, we provide a performance warranty for every radon mitigation system we install.

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Protect your family's health

We believe that radon mitigation is a service, and that it’s more than installing a system of pipes and a radon fan. We provide a radon mitigation service that values your need for a system that protects your family’s health. Let us help you take care of your family by installing clean, good-looking radon mitigation systems.

certified radon technicians

We have the experience necessary to overcome any radon gas problem. We stand head and shoulders above the rest in quality and customer satisfaction. Our National Radon Proficiency Program certified radon technicians are the best at what they do. We truly care about our customer’s health and the value of their homes and buildings.

Performance warranty

We train every radon system installer so that you can be certain that the technician has the experience necessary to design the best radon mitigation system. Our system designs are backed by our performance warranty or phased scope of work. We strive to provide the very best radon mitigation service possible.

Satisfaction Guaranteed
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Atlantic Radon was incredibly responsive and came out to handle our repair quickly. They were very professional, and timely. I highly recommend their services!

Stephanie Andrews Avatar
Stephanie Andrews

I had a radon inspection done before moving into my home and the levels came back quite high. After Atlantic Radon worked their magic, the levels had fallen to almost 0! They completed the work quickly and right on the quoted estimate. They know their stuff, are very easy to work with, and I would highly recommend them for your radon mitigation needs!!

Matthew Barry Avatar
Matthew Barry

Atlantic Radon did an exceptional job installing a radon mitigation system as well as a sump pump. Tommy and Austin were very professional and responsive. Highly recommend!

James Renaldo Avatar
James Renaldo

Great, honest, professional, and excellent communication! The entire team worked hard to quickly respond to my needs and always worked to ensure prompt and efficient communication throughout. I would trust them for all of my radon mitigation and testing needs!!

Stanley Creek Hideaway Avatar
Stanley Creek Hideaway

We had excellent experience with Atlantic Radon. Our house has several slabs and several structural complications that made it a non-standard case. We initially contacted a different company and were told that given our challenges, low levels of radon would not be guaranteed. Luckily, we then found Atlantic Radon. Tommy and Dan spent days studying the architectural drawings of our house to create a customized solution for us. The solution they came up with was creative and worked wonderfully. They spent extra time on designing a custom solution and extra time on installation. They also stand by their work and guarantee performance. We are super happy to have found Atlantic Radon!

Olga Avatar

I called Atlantic Radon after discovering via my own testing that my levels were higher than they should be (~12). Tommy was extremely professional and knowledgeable about my area and was very quick to get me on the schedule. Dan was punctual for our appointment and got our job done very quickly. He also explained everything he did in great detail and taught me a lot about this deadly invisible gas. We just got our results after abatement and are now at .4! Doesn’t get better than that. This company has it all: Professionalism, Knowledge, Punctuality and Affordability. I’ve been recommending to all of my neighbors to check their levels and reach out to Atlantic Radon if they run into the same situation I did. Extremely grateful for this All Star team. Thank you!

Justin St. Louis Avatar
Justin St. Louis

Tommy is a consummate professional, a straight shooter, and an excellent communicator. He and his team (Austin did a lot of the on-the-ground work) were extremely quick, clean, and efficient in the install, solving some small engineering challenges on the fly. I came to Tommy with a bunch of questions about the systems they use and the results we could expect (our house in Annapolis was below the EPA limit prior to mitigation, but we hoped to get lower) and he was clear, deliberative, and in no way trying to sell me something as he taught me bits of his trade.

I will recommend Atlantic Radon to anyone in the area in need of a radon test, radon mitigation, or sump-pump repair and maintenance, and would trust them in any project they were involved in. Tommy, who has experience doing home inspection, was overall really knowledgeable and helpful, and connected us with local contractors for other projects before we move in. I really couldn't have been more pleased.

Michael Roswell Avatar
Michael Roswell

Atlantic Radon recently installed a radon remediation system at our house. Our radon levels went from 4.5 to .8, so we are very happy with the results. I find the owner, Tom, to be highly knowledgable, professional and honest. Another company wanted to charge more than double to do unnecessary work. Tom took a step by step approach, meaning that if the initial radon remediation did not do the trick, he would then look into doing additional work like sealing the crawlspace. He also didn't try to upsell me on a sump pump, pointing out the reasons why it wasn't necessary at this time. If you go with this company, you can't go wrong!

Ann Rubin Avatar
Ann Rubin

Atlantic Radon did an excellent job installing our active radon system. Their quality and professionalism are unmatched. I would recommend them to anyone.

Cameron Harner Avatar
Cameron Harner

Atlantic Radon was great. Dan Brodsky and Zack spent 2 days installing a radon mitigation system, sump pump and plastic membrane in my crawlspace. Nice clean job, respectful guys, a pleasure to have at my house. Radon is now below 0.5, which is well below the EPA 4.0 cutoff. Thanks, and keep up the good work.

Stuart Fishkin Avatar
Stuart Fishkin

Daniel Brodsky came to our home with experience and expertise to mitigate our radon issues. Clean install and had the job completed on time. Highly recommend!

Richard Scott Avatar
Richard Scott

I purchased a new home and I had Atlantic Radon come out and do a radon inspection. Daniel Brodsky was very friendly and knowledgeable. Very happy with their service.

eric s Avatar
eric s

Quality work, excellent service! Highly recommend Atlantic Radon!

Ali Z Avatar
Ali Z

Daniel Brodsky and his partner did a wonderful job finding a good spot to place the fan and installing it in record time. 10 points!

Yanky Baron Avatar
Yanky Baron

Andrew Weakley Avatar
Andrew Weakley

Tommy and Austin were very professional, making sure that we understood what the radon remediation entailed, and working to make sure that the system did not look awkward or junky. They were prompt, neat, and affordable, and both gentlemen were very personable. Would highly recommend them if you need radon remediation.

Robin Sexton Avatar
Robin Sexton

Atlantic Radon installed an active radon mitigation system and also a backup battery sump pump. Service was prompt, and very professional. The results were fantastic. Not only is the radon level down to just about 1, the outside work looks unobtrusive and clean. We'd highly recommend them.

Chad & Elizabeth Larsen Avatar
Chad & Elizabeth Larsen

Tommy and his staff did an excellent job to mitigate the radon. They are responsive and professional. Great communication. Highly recommended.

ChihMing Huang Avatar
ChihMing Huang

Atlantic Radon technician, Daniel, installed a full radon abatement system in our home, replacing a very old system. He evaluated our home and customized the installation to fit our significant structural limitations. Daniel was timely, neat and careful in performing all of the work. We appreciate his professionalism and highly recommend Atlantic Radon.

Linda Bleadingheiser Avatar
Linda Bleadingheiser

I contacted Atlantic Radon and they were able to see me within a few days. The total bill matched the estimate, which was within range of typical Radon abatement services. Installation took place within 2 weeks of my estimate and was completed in less than 8 hours. Everything was explained and the Radon abatement system was installed to minimize visibility from the road. Radon levels dropped to almost nothing in my home. Highly recommend Atlantic Radon for prompt, professional and effective Radon abatement.

Anthony Keene Avatar
Anthony Keene

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