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Radon gas can exist in old houses, modern houses, houses with basements, or without. In other words, radon gas might be in your home, and the only way to check is through radon testing.

There is no level of radon that can be considered safe for health.

Eliminating radon is not possible as it is a natural by-product of the decay of organic materials in the soil. However, EPA recommends reducing the level of radon at home to lower than 4 picocuries per liter (pCI/L). The level of radon gas differs per home. Its level is affected by the concentration of organic materials on your soil, proximity to the ground, and whether your house has cracks where the radon gas can enter through.

Radon Mitigation & Radon Testing

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Understanding Radon

You cannot see or smell radon. It is an odorless and colorless gas. Radon gas gets into a home, office, school, and other buildings through cracks in floors and walls. The pressure under your flooring is higher than in your basement, and this creates a suction effect. This draws radon from higher concentration in the ground to your basement. Radon can also escape through small holes in your water pipe.

It is recommended to perform a regular checkup of your water pipes, floorings, and foundations to fix any breakage on them.

Radon and Your Health

The health risks radon brings to people in prolonged exposure is deadly. In the U.S. alone, an estimated 20,000 lung cancer deaths per year are attributed to radon exposure.

Radon is a silent killer. Its detrimental effect on health is not noticeable until it is severe and debilitating.

Radon is more lethal for children, pregnant women, and the elderly. Children with their developing respiratory system and elders with compromised breathing have limited capacity to exhale the radon gas. Radon is a radioactive substance and can result in neonatal defects for pregnant women.


Testing and Mitigating Radon in Crofton, Maryland

Radon testing is the first step in controlling radon gas levels. At Atlantic Radon, we provide you with an affordable radon testing service. In case your radon level is higher than the recommended level of EPA, then radon mitigation must be done. There are different tools available to do radon mitigation, but not all tools have the same result. At Atlantic Radon, we assure you that we provide you with the best tools fit for your current radon level.

Regular radon testing and radon mitigation by professional radon inspectors are needed especially in areas with a high concentration of uranium, thorium, and radium.

At Atlantic Radon, we provide quality radon testing and radon mitigation services. Keep your family safe from Radon.

You can schedule a radon testing in Crofton, Maryland with us. It is important to make sure your home is safe from radon.


Mitigating Radon in your home in Crofton, Maryland, is possible and easy with trained and certified Radon technicians. Don’t put your family at risk of lung cancer and other health risks caused by long-term radon exposure.

Atlantic Radon offers radon mitigation and remediation services across Maryland. We have tested and installed radon systems in many homes in Anne Arundel County including Crofton, MD.

Get your home tested and fixed by certified Radon technicians. As part of our guarantee, we provide a performance warranty for every radon mitigation system we install.

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Protect your family's health

We believe that radon mitigation is a service, and that it’s more than installing a system of pipes and a radon fan. We provide a radon mitigation service that values your need for a system that protects your family’s health. Let us help you take care of your family by installing clean, good-looking radon mitigation systems.

certified radon technicians

We have the experience necessary to overcome any radon gas problem. We stand head and shoulders above the rest in quality and customer satisfaction. Our National Radon Proficiency Program certified radon technicians are the best at what they do. We truly care about our customer’s health and the value of their homes and buildings.

Performance warranty

We train every radon system installer so that you can be certain that the technician has the experience necessary to design the best radon mitigation system. Our system designs are backed by our performance warranty or phased scope of work. We strive to provide the very best radon mitigation service possible.

Satisfaction Guaranteed

    5 star review  Tommy and his team were fantastic. They expedited work on our house during a pandemic and were very honest about their pricing and worked around our schedule as we were moving. They did a great job and significantly reduced the radon. I would highly recommend this company.

    thumb Sameer Siddiqui

    5 star review  Tommy and the team at Atlantic did a great job installing my radon mitigation system. I didn’t know anything about radon going into this and was a little unsettled to learn my levels were high. Tommy responded to my request within minutes and walked me through everything on the phone. When he came out to do the estimate, he was very professional and knowledgeable which is why I chose them to do the work. On the day of install, they showed up right on time, did the work, and the results came back as low as radon levels can get. I highly recommend Tommy and the team at Atlantic for your radon mitigation needs.

    thumb Brad Miller

    5 star review  Tommy and Atlantic radon mitigated my radon issue quickly and professionally. He explained every process prior to performing the work. It all looks great and the vacuum is quiet and unobtrusive. Highly recommend!

    thumb irish Terp
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