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Testing your Home for Radon Gas: Why it’s Important

Testing your Home for Radon Gas: Why it’s Important

In our everyday lives, we are surrounded by a myriad of gases and elements that are either harmless or potentially hazardous. Even outdoors, there are many naturally forming elements that are safe in trace amounts but dangerous in large doses. The same is true while...

Debunking the Top 5 Radon Mitigation Myths

Debunking the Top 5 Radon Mitigation Myths

Not many people are aware, but radon gas is all around us. The invisible and odorless gas is naturally formed by radioactive metals like radium breaking down in the rocks and soil. This gas with radioactive properties then seeps out of the ground and into all areas of...

Why Mitigating Radon In Places You Frequent Is Crucial

Why Mitigating Radon In Places You Frequent Is Crucial

An airborne element that is both odorless and colorless like oxygen, Radon isn’t really as safe as you’d think. So, how is mitigating radon possible? Now, you may ask if there is a cause for concern breathing in something that you cannot see? While this may be true in...

Lower Radon Level with Proper Ventilation

Lower Radon Level with Proper Ventilation

Having a high radon gas reading at your home does not mean you cannot sell or have it rented. Numerous proven processes can lower radon gas levels, and make your home safe for people to live in. In addition to traditional radon remediation practices, there are a few...

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Andrew Weakley Avatar
Andrew Weakley

I can't say enough, this was such a great experience. Tommy is superb! My husband and I needed radon mitigation after we purchased a new home. This company expertly installed a mitigation system in our basement that works wonderfully and aesthetically blends into the design of the outside of our home. Now the radon in our basement is lower than the natural levels in the environment. As a working mom with a busy schedule, it was wonderful how Tommy was so prompt and honest with his estimate and communication. His price was very fair and everything was installed as we discussed. Our results were phenomenal. I highly recommend Tommy to preform any work you require.

Jessica Masters Avatar
Jessica Masters

Daniel Brodsky came to our home with experience and expertise to mitigate our radon issues. Clean install and had the job completed on time. Highly recommend!

Richard Scott Avatar
Richard Scott

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