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Health Effects of Radon Exposure

Health Effects of Radon Exposure

Did you know that radon exposure causes approximately 3% to 20% of lung cancer deaths worldwide? It is the primary cause of lung cancer among non-smokers and the second leading cause of the condition among smokers. This colorless gas originates from uranium. As the...

9 Things You May Not Know About Radon

9 Things You May Not Know About Radon

You've probably heard of radon and its dangers to your health. You may have received advice on checking your home for radon to reduce your health risks. But, what exactly is radon, and how could it get inside your home? Here are some facts about radon that you should...

5 Radon Myths People Should Stop Believing

5 Radon Myths People Should Stop Believing

Over the years, the Environmental Protection Agency (EPA) and the American Lung Association have addressed common myths about radon. Unfortunately, these misconceptions continue to circulate even today. If you’re a homeowner and living in an area where indoor radon...

Radon Mitigation: How to Choose a Reliable Contractor

Radon Mitigation: How to Choose a Reliable Contractor

Radon testing and radon mitigation require technical skills and knowledge. Furthermore, the process uses specific equipment. Without proper training and the right equipment, a contractor could cause more harm than good. This is why the United States Environmental...

Ways to Reduce Radon in your home

Ways to Reduce Radon in your home

Long-term exposure to radon could cause serious health problems, such as Lung Cancer. If your home’s radon level is 4 pCi/L or higher, we recommend taking immediate radon mitigration to reduce it. There are different ways to lower indoor radon levels. Some prevent...

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    review rating 5  Working with Tommy was a breeze .He coordinated with our Realtor and did a great job which gave us great results. We now have a safe environment. Highly recommend Tommy and Atlantic Radon.

    thumb Phil Meilleur

    review rating 5  I have already recommended Atlantic Real State Services for radon mitigation services to several friends. I live in a single-family home in Howard County contacted several companies. Tommy was the only one who demonstrated the knowledge and interest to answer all my questions and explain the mitigation process. Also, Tommy was honest with his estimate to layout the work that needed to be done to get the best result within my budget 😊 Other companies proposed doing additional work that would have not made a lot of different in the result but increase the project cost by a lot! We are very happy with the system and the results. Tommy worked hard to make sure the system was installed as discussed and it visually blends with the outside of the house. I highly recommend this company!

    thumb Theincapower

    review rating 5  I would recommend Atlantic Real Estate Services for radon mitigation services. Tommy was very knowledgeable and spent time explaining his plan and process to me. I live in a townhouse and he took the extra time and effort to ensure the system was done well and in a fashion that is beneficial to the home owner. He ran the exhaust piping through our basement ceiling in order to keep it out of sight and because our maintenance room and sump pump are in the front of the house. No other company who quoted us were willing to run the exhaust through our ceiling. So far the radon levels have maintained below 1.0. I was very pleased with his work.

    thumb Ashley Wang
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