“Should I hire a radon tester or can I do radon testing myself?”

It’s a common question among homeowners planning to schedule radon testing in Annapolis. Keep in mind that the results of your test would tell you whether you should perform radon mitigation in your home. That said, getting accurate results is vital.

Here’s some information to help you decide if you need to hire a professional or could do it yourself.

Hiring a Qualified Radon Technician

Radon is quite challenging to detect, which is why it’s essential to work with professionals that have sufficient knowledge and experience in radon testing and mitigation.

When hiring a radon technician, don’t just choose any contractor. Take time to ask questions about their experience, qualifications, and familiarity with radon levels in your area. 

Your choice of radon technician must depend on how well they understand the proper conditions when testing, test devices used, and their guidelines for obtaining accurate results. Have them evaluate your property and ask for the best testing method to use for your home. It’s also good to ask what you need to prepare or do before and during radon testing. This will ensure that no interference would affect the test results.

We also recommend choosing a professional who can analyze the results and recommend radon mitigation methods, should you need any. This way, you won’t have to work with multiple technicians to solve your home’s radon problems.

Doing It Yourself

Yes, it’s possible to test radon levels yourself. However, the primary issue with DIY radon testing is getting accurate results. Another concern is choosing whether to conduct short-term or long-term testing. DIY radon testing also means you need to decide on the most appropriate testing device you should use for your home. 

You need to consider many factors when it comes to radon testing and getting accurate results. For instance, if you don’t position the test device correctly, it may yield erroneous data. In addition, placing the device in a spot that is too humid or too hot could affect the results.

Ready to schedule radon testing? Work with a certified radon technician like our team at Atlantic Radon. We’ve worked with many homeowners across Maryland. We are known for our quality service and customer satisfaction. To give you peace of mind, we provide a performance warranty for our services. Contact us today to learn more about radon testing and mitigation.