Are you selling a property in Anne Arundel County, Maryland? Don’t forget to schedule radon testing —and mitigation when necessary. The Environmental Protection Agency (EPA) and the State of Maryland recommend having real estate properties for sale across the state to be checked for radon.

Research shows that one in about 15 homes in the country has a radon level of 4 pCi/L or more. When a home has this much radon, it has to undergo radon abatement to protect the people living in it from potential health risks.

It doesn’t matter whether a property is old or new. Any house could have a radon problem, and the only way to know is through radon testing.


Why Home Sellers Test for Radon?

As a home seller, you should consider testing your property for radon before listing it on the market. You could use it as a positive selling point, especially when the results show that the property has a low radon level.


How to Get Started on Radon Testing?

First, you should review the previous radon test that was done to your property and make sure it was performed correctly. If the property has never been tested for radon, schedule a radon test as soon as you can. If the last test was done more than two years ago, you should consider having it tested again.


Checklist for Radon Testing

  • If someone is currently living in the property, notify them, and explain to them the importance of radon testing.
  • The property should be in a “closed-house” condition at least 12 hours before the start of the test.
  • Make sure to hire a qualified radon technician. Check and verify qualifications, certifications, and IDs. Consider looking into customer reviews.
  • The “closed-house” condition should be maintained all throughout the test
  • If the property has an elevated radon level, schedule radon mitigation before putting the house on the market.

Don’t take any chances when it comes to the properties you are putting on the market. Keep your homebuyers safe by scheduling radon testing and abatement in Annapolis and Severna Park.

Radon testing and mitigation require more than just installing a radon fan and pipes. We’ll make sure to choose the right system that suits your needs and ultimately protects your family’s health.

Schedule a radon test with Atlantic Real Estate Services. Composed of certified radon technicians, our team attended the National Radon Proficiency Program to ensure we provide the best service to our clients.

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