Do you fear elevated radon levels in your home? Do you think these rising levels can harm your family and cause diseases? There is only one sure way to know and mitigate the radon is to contact a professional. Get radon mitigation and testing done by a licensed professional.

Yes, radon is found in a controlled amount in most soils.

But if you are a resident of Maryland, then the risks are even higher for you. According to data published by the Maryland government, the average radon levels in some areas in Maryland are quite high. 

Many homes spend years with undetected radon problems that can be fatal to the family’s health. According to medical research reports, long-term exposure to radon can even lead to lung cancer. Don’t let that happen to your family. 

The first step to the radon mitigation process is to get your house and the soil around tested. Depending on the level of the radon gas problem, your service providers will give you a timeline for mitigation. If all the steps are not followed and the system installation is not proper, then your family can still be at risk of contacting radon. So, how long does it take for this whole process to work? Read this article to find out all the details. 

High levels of radon in your home

Radon mitigation after a system installation does not take much time. But running the tests to check the radon level takes time. It also depends on the type of tests you run. You can buy a DIY kit or hire a professional to check the radon levels. If you want a long-term test to find out the average radon levels in your homes throughout the year, that needs a longer time. It can take up to months to get a yearly average report. If you want to start the mitigation process immediately and cut down on your exposure, you should go for a short-term assessment.

Most soils contain some amount of radon. So what is a radon amount that shouldn’t have you worried? The recommended radon amount by the US Environmental Protection Agency (EPA) is below 4 pCi/L (picocuries per liter). Anything above that needs to be fixed immediately. The national average in America for indoor radon is 1.3 pCi/L, and outdoor radon is .4 pCi/L.

An immediate installation of a radon mitigation system is recommended if radon elevation is detected. 

Protecting your home from radon

A radon mitigation system can be complete within a day’s time, but that happens only after detection is complete. A typical radon mitigation system does not take long to install. It takes an average time between 4 hours to a day. The time needed for a complete installation depends on the plan and layout of the house. But there are some factors inside the house that can affect the installation. These are,

  • Crawl Space Installation 
  • Multiple suction points 
  • Internal System with the fan inside the garage attic
  • Multiple Sump Pumps that need to be sealed
  • Dual Fan System
  • Number of ventilation pipes around the house

Which radon mitigation system do you need?

Call for a professional radon mitigation system installation service. They will give you a clear picture of the type of system you need and the cost structure of the same. There are more than one ways to install a radon mitigation system, and each requires a different amount of time. If your house has a basement, then the types of installations can be any of these four types,

  • Sub slab suction
  • Drain-tile suction
  • Sump-hole suction
  • Block-wall suction

Other recommended radon mitigation techniques include,

  • Sealing
  • Home or room pressurization
  • Heat recovery ventilation
  • Natural ventilation

In the end, the type of system ultimately depends on the house owner. And the process selected determines the time required for installation. 

Choose the right radon mitigation company

When you detect a high radon level at your home, it is time to call a qualified and licensed radon mitigation company to help you.

Call our expert team at Atlantic Radon, and we will provide you with an end-to-end service. From radon detection to radon mitigation system installation, our team does all of it. Contact us today to start taking care of the radon levels at your home and secure your family’s health. Talk soon to find out how we work.