Did you get your home tested for radon already? If not, get it tested right now. Research shows that 1 in 15 homes in the US is exposed to high levels of radon. And if you don’t know already, radon is a silent killer. This is why it is important that you test your residence and then take steps to mitigate radon if it comes back positive.

Why is radon dangerous?

Radon is a radioactive and carcinogenic gas. It is not dangerous in small quantities, but continuous exposure to the gas over many years can eventually lead to lung cancer. Because it is both odorless and colorless, humans cannot detect it using their senses.

What you need to do first

If it’s your first time testing for radon, then you have two options. One, conduct the test yourself using an over-the-counter radon testing kit. Or, you can hire a professional radon inspection company to do the test for you.

If you’re testing yourself, then the values you need to watch out for are:

  • Between 2 – 4 pCi/L

Some exposure to radon and you should start incorporating radon prevention methods

  • Above 4 pCi/L =

You are being exposed to high levels of radon and immediate action should be taken to prevent it.

What are the next best steps?

Open all your windows and doors

Radon is dangerous when it starts to accumulate around certain areas of the house. If there is no ventilation, then there is nowhere for the gas to escape, and it will continue to sit there amassing over time. 

Opening the windows is a simple step you can take to try and alleviate some of the radon concentration levels. It will bring some amount of ventilation into the house. You can open all the doors and windows around the house for as many hours as possible every day. However, this is only a temporary solution and you need to immediately take preventive action as the next point states.

Find a reputed radon mitigation company in your area

Did you find your home to have high radon levels? Look for a professional company to help you out. For instance, you cannot remove Radon from a residence using DIY methods and you will need professional experience and equipment. 

You also shouldn’t hire the first radon inspection company you see. For the best and safest results, choose a reputed, licensed, and experienced company to assess your home. They will send certified inspectors to your home and will have all the proper equipment to determine the best approach to rid your home of radon.

Atlantic Radon is an example of a well-reputed company with years of experience under its belt. With us, you can expect professional service, responsive staff, warranties on all our equipment, and fair pricing.

Get a radon mitigation system installed

Once the initial inspection is complete, we recommend the best strategy to mitigate radon. This comes in the form of a radon mitigation system. Install it around your house to extract any existing radon inside the home. It will also help prevent radon from entering the home in the future.

The system will run from the basement to the exterior of the house with an exhaust point to expel all the radon. For long-lasting results, it is important to install a reliable and hardy system. This is another reason to choose experienced and reputed radon mitigation companies like Atlantic Radon Mitigation.

Keep up with maintenance and regular testing

After installing the system, you can go back to living normally inside the house. However, you shouldn’t completely forget about radon. For one, there can be malfunctions or the system may get damaged over time. 

Therefore, it is important to set up regular maintenance checks on the equipment and also test the house every once in a while.

Don’t leave your health to chance. Take immediate preventive action to rid your home of any radon gas. Contact Atlantic Radon today and get a free estimate on your next project.