When we are in our homes, we feel secure and safe from environmental pollutants. However, this may not be always true as some irritants and pollutants can still be found in our homes. Radon is one of those gases at home that is detrimental to your health in high concentration. It is an invisible, odorless, and tasteless gas that is a product of the natural decay of compounds found in soil.

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Radon is a naturally occurring radioactive gas that is produced when elements such as uranium, thorium, and radium in rocks and soil decay. Radon found its way into our living spaces usually through a crack or hole on our basement floors or house foundation. Radon can accumulate over time, especially on spaces without proper ventilation. As the amount of radon increases, the concentration level reaches a critical state which with prolonged exposure can result in serious health risks.

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In the U.S., radon is the nation’s second leading cause of lung cancer next to smoking. In 1988, the International Agency for Research on Cancer classified Radon as carcinogenic. This classification was a result of several studies found that miners exposed occupationally to radon, usually at high concentrations, demonstrated a notably increased risk of lung cancer.  When inhaled, radon particles can produce or release radiation that can damage surrounding lung tissue resulting in small lesions that may scar and inhibit the normal lung tissue function.  If you are a smoker, and your house has an elevated level of radon in it, you have a greater risk of developing lung cancer. According to the World Health Organization (WHO), smokers are estimated to be 25 times more at risk from radon than non-smokers in the U.S.

The radon concentration at your home can be measured with the help of professionals. The radon remediation and radon mitigation activities will be based on the radon level you have. The health community-recommended placing proper ventilation on enclose spaces at home especially those near the ground. A simple opening of a window can help to dissipate radon. Installation of air ducts to pull out the radon from an enclosed space is another good idea.

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