Radon is one gas that can cause a lot of damage because it is hard to detect. Certified professionals can only detect it. The mitigation process can also become cumbersome if radon remains undetected for long. It is even scarier that you can not detect radon in your own home without experts. That’s why you need to take steps to mitigate radon early.

Why? You can not detect it with the naked eye. It has no additional smell or touch detections. You might very well be living within high radon levels without knowing it. 

The first step of the process of mitigating radon is to call experts. They will conduct radon level tests around the house. They will also help analyze surrounding areas for a detailed radon-level report. We recommend that you refrain from trying to do this on your own. Why? You can be in harm’s way without knowing if you are not trained for this job. So, from start to finish, how long does radon mitigation take? Let us find out. 

Is there any acceptable radon level?

According to research published by CDC, there is no acceptable amount of radon. But the US EPA says anything above 4 pCi/L (picocuries per litre) is bad for humans. Many states and regions in the USA have more radon levels than what EPA mentions. If you live in such a region, get your house tested. 

After detection, if there is minimal radon gas found in the soil, start mitigation. Why? Radon gas has multiple different health hazards. So, start mitigation at the earliest to nip the problem in the bud. These are natural radioactive gases, and the effects are catastrophic for humans. So, better be safe than sorry!

How long does a radon mitigation system take to function?

Radon detection can take days to months, depending on your location and system. They send the data professionals collect to testing labs to get analytical reports. If you want a long-term test, it can take 3 months to a year. Professionals test the radon levels in all weather conditions for the best results. The testing is a constant and ongoing process. But you can start mitigation before the yearly reports arrive. 

So, how long does the radon mitigation installation take? A professional radon mitigation service takes about 3 – 5 hours to install. The process is simple, and professionals finish installation within half a day’s time. If your house is bigger, it can take a whole day. But no radon mitigation system installation takes more than that. 

After installation, the radon mitigation system starts working immediately. The radon levels start going down within a day, but the fan needs to keep working constantly. You can not turn off the fan. Why? The radon levels can shoot up within a few hours once the fan is off. But if the radon level is too high, it can take longer to reduce, one of the other things you need to know when you want to mitigate radon.

It can take much longer if you plan to follow a DIY radon mitigation system installation. Also, you stand a chance of getting exposed to these radioactive gases. They can harm you and your health in the long term. If the system is properly set up, then the gases will stop entering your home immediately. 

Mitigate Radon: How do you recheck radon levels to see if the system works?

The radon mitigation system becomes fully functional within 24 hours to 30 days. It is advisable that you keep checking the manometer to see if the system is working. You should also get tests done within a month to see how much the radon level went down. This will give you a clear picture of how effective your system is.

Once the radon level goes down, people stop getting radon tests done for the house. But, it is best to get tests done every two years or at periodic intervals. Why? Once it is radon infected, even if the levels are down, you should ensure there is no return. It also helps ensure your house is safe and secure for the residents and is habitable. 

Radon mitigation systems take money to install. These tests will also show you if you got your money’s worth. 

Should you call a professional service provider to Mitigate Radon?

Only professionals should do radon detection and mitigation. They have training for this job and will provide you with an end-to-end solution. From detection to mitigation and system installation, everything gets done by them. To ensure your and your family’s safety, we recommend you call professionals like the Atlantic Radon Mitigation Team.