Regular radon testing and radon mitigation by professional radon inspectors are needed especially in areas with a high concentration of uranium, thorium, and radium. 

A pregnant woman may be exposed to radiation from different sources such as from occupation, home, or clinic. The radiation affects not just the mother, but also the unborn child inside her. Although the dose of radiation a fetus may receive is lower than the dose received by the mother, because of the protection from the uterus, a fetus is sensitive to radiation at doses greater than 0.1 gray (Gy). The health consequences of exposure to radiation depend on the stage of fetal development which may include growth restriction, malformations, impaired brain function, and cancer. 

Radon is one of the cancer-causing substances in our home especially with continuous exposure in high concentration. Radon gas is colorless, odorless, and tasteless. It is the product of the natural decay of elements found on the soil such as uranium and thorium. It cannot be detected in plain sight and would need a radon inspector to do a radon testing.

Radon gas when inhaled releases radiation to the surrounding tissues which may result in cellular damage. The cellular damage can lead to a decrease in the lung capacity to circulate oxygen and remove carbon dioxide. A pregnant woman has higher oxygen demand compared to a normal person because of the added demand from the growing fetus. A decrease in oxygen level in the blood may cause brain damage to the growing fetus. Continuous exposure to radon may lead to a cellular abnormality which may lead to cancer. As the effect of radon exposure builds up over time, the pregnant mother may experience radon poisoning which is a serious effect of prolonged exposure to radon at high concentration.

There are different measures you can do to lower radon levels at home such as opening basement windows, installation of air ducts, and sealing off cracks on the flooring. However, it is recommended to contact a professional radon inspector to check your home radon level for proper radon mitigation. Mitigating radon is essential for every home especially for those living in areas of high uranium or thorium in the soil.

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