The pandemic has impacted all our daily lives. Over the course of the past two years, we have been forced to stay indoors to avoid the airborne virus, Covid-19, which has been running rampant. This crisis may have affected your health or that of your family and your close peers, and it is a volatile time to be venturing outdoors. Businesses have moved virtual – with remote teams being the new normal.

However, being stuck at home for long periods of time also has its complications. One major virus being at the forefront does not stop other ailments from affecting us. Being cooped up at home, we may be subject to naturally forming gases and elements that may be slowly killing us as well.

What is radon gas and why is it dangerous?

Radon is a radioactive gas that is formed when radioactive materials (radium, thorium) break apart within the rocks and soil underground. This causes the gas to seep out of the ground and is present in the air all around us. Because it forms naturally, this gas is prevalent all around the world and is found both inside properties and outdoors. 

When you’re outside it is not very dangerous as there is enough ventilation to carry the gas around so you’re not exposed to higher loads of it, similar to Covid-19. However, when gas enters your home through cracks and holes in the property, it can build up and accumulate to dangerous levels that are potentially lethal.

Continued exposure to high levels of radon gas greatly increases the risk of lung cancer even amongst non-smokers. In fact, it is the second-highest leading cause of death related to lung cancer. And if you’re a smoker, the risk is almost five times as high.

In the US, lung cancer is the leading form of cancer-related death and if it is detected late, there is a very low chance of survival – only about 25% of patients live for longer than five years.

How the pandemic has worsened the radon problem

The pandemic has abruptly changed the normal everyday routines of people, and this has the potential to change other behaviors as well. Whether it is spending more time lazing around the house or picking up old habits such as smoking, there is a higher chance of radon gas affecting your health. 

The following is data taken from the North American Quitline Consortium which helps assist people who are trying to quit smoking. This is data from the 2020 calendar year and it shows a grim picture of the number of calls coming into the quitline:

  • Reduction of over 190,000 calls (about 27%)
  • Decreased by over 39% during the second quarter

This information tells us that more people have given up on the cessation of smoking since before the pandemic. Being stuck at home, smoking is another pastime that may seem enjoyable at the time but is actually putting your health and those close to you in more danger.

On top of that, people are spending a lot of time at home and frequenting the same areas every day. If radon gas has been building up in the house, there is no way of identifying it with your naked senses as the gas is both colorless and odorless.

You may unknowingly be exposing yourself to large volumes of gas as it continues to build up in your homes – such as in your bedroom or the TV room. If you don’t have radon testing kits or are ignorant about the potential problems, then it might be too late when symptoms start to show.

As mentioned, smoking greatly increases the chance of lung cancer as a result of radon gas. Couple this along with long exposure to radon gas and it is a recipe for long-term health implications. Therefore, immediate radon remediation action needs to be taken to protect your health and make your home safe to live in.

How can you manage the radon gas issue from home?

Your first step should be to purchase a radon testing kit so you can measure radon levels at home. You can then determine whether you need to hire professionals to take care of the problem. 

If you’re not able to purchase these kits or if you want professionals to handle it from the start, you can hire a certified radon contractor like Atlantic Radon. We will send a team of experts to inspect your home and determine what radon remediation method should be used to remove radon from your property.

This will be the simplest, fastest, and most convenient way to solve your radon issue before it becomes dangerous. All of our mitigation systems come with performance warranties so you can rest assured that the product and service are of the highest quality. 

Stay home and stay safe even during the pandemic. Covid-19 is not the only factor you need to look out for. There are other invisible elements that have the potential to kill you inside your own home, so take action today to protect yourself and your loved ones from radon gas.