Radon is a colorless and odorless gas that is common in rocky regions or places with high saturation of thorium and radium in the soil. Prolonged exposure to radon gas may lead to lung cancer and other health problems. Usually, radon testing is performed by homeowners to check the radon level at home. However, it is also equally important to check radon levels at schools as our children stay at the school for half of their day.

Radon is a known carcinogen. The detrimental effect of radon on humans is unnoticeable until the health problem is already severe. According to the United States Environmental Protection Agency (EPA), radon is the second leading cause of lung cancer in the United States next to smoking. Radon is accounted for approximately 21,000 deaths in the United States related to lung cancer. Children and teachers spend much of their day in the school, and without regular radon testing, we would not know if they were exposed to a high level of radon.

The amount of radon per square foot varies even in the same region. Radon gas pockets are unpredictable. And so, it is not safe to assume that since a nearby building’s radon test result is low, that other nearby buildings do have a low level of radon too. The level of radon is affected by the saturation of organic matter in the soil, ventilation, and integrity of the foundation and flooring. To ensure that your school is safe from radon, consider getting some advice from professional radon inspectors. Evaluating large buildings like schools would require professional assistance rather than using do-it-yourself test kits.

There is no amount of radon that can be considered safe. However, the acceptable radon level is below 4 pCi/L. Children are most at risk of negative effects from radon exposure due to their smaller lung capacity and higher ventilation rate. School administrators should consider doing regular radon testing to measure the radon level in their building to keep students and personnel safe.

Regular radon testing and radon mitigation by professional radon inspectors are needed especially in areas with a high concentration of uranium, thorium, and radium. At Atlantic Radon, we provide quality radon testing and radon mitigation services. Keep your family safe from Radon. You can scheduling radon testing in Annapolis, Columbia, Ellicott City, Crofton, and Gaithersburg with us. It is important to make sure your home is safe from radon.  Get in touch with us by filling out our contact form to learn more about our services.